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  1. Green rabbit is such a good platform I have to wonder Has anyone voting negatively actually seen what green rabbit have achieved? I find it hard to belive such an outstanding if not one of the best games is being negatively voted for. come see with your own eyes

  2. The GR community is friendly and supportive, and full of people who are always happy to help and give advice. Hands down the best community i have been involved with, without any doubt. The team behind GR are equally friendly and supportive, and are the hardest working people that i have ever known. Love this community and love this team.

    To anyone who is down-voting other communities to make their themselves look better then shame on you, if you have to try and make others look bad to make yourself look better then that says a lot about you – and none of it is good.

  3. Green Rabbit has been producing a great product. It’s impossible to snap your fingers and be a fully-fledged game – so the ongoing development should be expected.

    As ideas first come about in a brand new system, like NFTs on WAXP with utility, many changes need to be made. All the changes have been in the game’s best interest and the community is asked and listened to.

    Their Discord community is one of the most helpful and supportive communities out there.

    Green Rabbit has had my support for over a year and it still does going forward.

    The 3D Ultra-Anima racing is fun and the devs are always working on more, they never stop. The 2D NFT utility is expanding and Armor Fusion is coming soon. In fact, there is a lot in the pipeline that you need to keep up with the AMA’s and announcements or miss out.

    Come play Green Rabbit yourself and make your own call on whether they are a project you want to get behind.

    Let’s F*cking Go!

  4. I’ve never really been too much into the discord chatting but green rabbit has the most amazing community. Such an awesome game with many mechanics and the first/only 3d game on wax. Devs are constantly working and pushing out new stuff for us.

  5. Great team, very present dev communication and growth. Project has gone from concept to full playable game in under 1 year time. Multi layered Nft game with capacity for many different game types and playing styles.

    This project has fought though needless amounts of negativity and I’m pumped to have been part of this project since it’s start and can’t wait to see how much more comes from the Green Rabbit team!


Written by Getmossed

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