Best Rug Pull on WAX Blockchain of Mid 2022

Vote for the Best Rug Pull on WAX Blockchain

Rug pulls are not something to joke around about. The reason we are making this award is the fact that we want to create a token reward pool for the collection that wins. The token reward pool will allow you to earn a token by burning on End date for voting is on July 14th, 2022.

Winning Community

Since we don’t want to provide anymore attention to a rug pull or increase the sales on secondary. We will find a NFT from this collection that is worthless so people can burn for something in return. You can thank NlessFT for the generous donation to reward users for this award.

We’re against rug pulling and even the thoughts of it. The community must unite after some bad acts by people. Unfortunately this happens on all chains and it isn’t 100% preventable. The best we can do as a community is pick up the pieces and move forward.

  • Best Rug Pull on WAX Blockchain of Mid 2022

    • Crypto Chibi
    • Space Craft
    • Farmer’s World
    • WAX Arena
    • Bestiary
    • Cyberpix
    • Hidden Gems NFT

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  1. Graffiti kings is nothing but a scheme! The owner Darren Cullen photoshops himself in places where Graffiti has been done and takes credit for it.he didn’t do art at Olympics, he painted a taxi at the Olympics! Do your research! Facts fam!

  2. Sure the community must unite and definitely great to warn people of rug pulls but I’m really surprised to see Crypto Chibi here. I have quite a few Chibi cards in my collection and I wonder how can they be a rug pull when they never came out as any type of P2E but a cute, limited collection of quality art NFTs? There are many other WAX collections out there in the same boat as NFTs were originally about art and collectibles before P2E took off as a trend.

    Wax Arena on the other hand – yeah – they spread themselves too thin, promised everything then flopped :/

  3. WTF this poll is a joke. I agree with FARMERS WORLD THE BIGGEST PASSIVE RUGPULL ON WAX. But where is ONLYSPACE and all their SHIT PROJECTS?? or SEAFARM, JOURNEY TO THE GODHOOD , GREEN RABBIT?? or more recent one, where is SAILORS WORLD???

Written by NFT AY! Staff

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